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Stirling Moss iconic image 'Smoking his way to glory'.

You can now view Stirling Moss on the race grid in a Jaguar XK120 actually smoking a cigarette before the race, titled 'Smoking his way to glory'. These limited edition, unseen images have been reproduced on canvas as well as framed photographs for the collector. Each a limited edition of 200 with a certificate of authenticity.

08/09/2016 17:26:10

Lewis Hamilton v Stirling Moss

What a tribute it would be if Lewis Hamilton could match the driving skills of Stirling Moss racing a 1957 Grand Prix BRM. Although a different driving technique is required by Lewis, the courage demanded to race on the limit would still put him to the forefront. Or would it. The main difference I believe would be that Stirling Moss raced on the limit knowing safety standards of the day would not save him in a serious crash, yet he pushed as only a brave man would do. Lewis Hamilton and present day F1 drivers have more security that survival in a crash is better than the drivers had in the 1950's, so subsequently they can push with less courage.

23/04/2017 11:39:22

Stirling Moss testing and racing the Jaguar XK120.

Rare footage of Stirling Moss four wheel drifting a Jaguar XK120 sports car through corners helps to make his CV an authentic case of Balls Out driving skills recognised.

08/09/2016 17:18:02

All sold canvas images will come without the HMA Copyright watermarks.
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